About us


With an experience of more than 15 years, we started in 2008 as supplier for cables and connectors for audiovisual applications.

Despite our connections, we became the main distributer very soon for a lot of famous brands in this market.  


One year later our customers where asking not only to supply cables and connectors but also complete customised cable setups.

This was the opportunity to start up our own assembly line. 


The same year we bought our first building (700m²) in Willebroek-Belgium and invested a lot in high-tech machinery, to provide our customers with the best quality cables.

Due to our efficiency and quality, our market was expanding all over Europe.


We also started selling consumables related to our cable activities.


One year later we introduced the sales of our Metalworks division. Our transport dollies soon became a standard in the market.

New investments in milling and laser devices, gave us the possibilities to develop customised 19” panels, with different cut-outs and lay-outs.


Very quickly our warehouse became too small and we added an extra 500m².


In 2017 we integrated a completely new ERP system, linked to our brand new webshop.

This gives us the opportunity to spread our products all over the world.


Fiber cables and connectors were added to our product range.


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