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Compactverdeler 360*116*68mm

KERAF rubber multibloc empty


Compactverdeler 400*150*88mm

KERAF rubber multibloc empty


Empty BOX rubber without lid

- multipliers / adapters for Italian, French, German, Swiss and English electrical standards for industry
  and entertainment.
- box made of hard rubber, RAL 9011 black color, dimensions 80 x 75 x 300 mm. (L x W x H, excluding the
  components installed on the box).
- self extinguishing and flame resistant in accordance with VDE 0471 part 2-2,
  DIN EC 60695-2-2 (GLOW WIRE TEST).
- rated voltage: 230V 1pH+N+E 50Hz.
- max. power 3.500W.
- max. current 16amp (to be connected to a power supply having overload and short circuit protection).
- red indicator for voltage ON.
- includes 2m cable when supplied with inline input plug.
- on the models with cable, the cable glands are supplied with anti-kink protection.
- schuko plug with double earthing system (German and French system).
- label with the data plate is affixed to the box and includes a progressive serial number.
- CE marked and compliant with EC 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive.


Empty BOX plastic without lid

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