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Fiber alcohol pump cleaning bottle

Alcohol Dispenser Bottle

TechLogix's ECO Series of fiber optic tools are the perfect compliment to your fiber optic AV or network installation. Occasionally, a component in a kit will need to get replaced or a spare would be nice to have around.

This plunger-style alcohol dispenser bottle is a direct replacement for the bottle that is included in the ECO-TERMK-01 Fiber Optic Termination Kit. Simply flip open the cap, press the top of the plunger with a wipe over the hole, and a small amount of alcohol will start to be released to moisten the wipe. Close the flip-top cap when you're done.

There is no need to worry spilling alcohol all over the work environment when moistening a wipe. There is no need to wonder if the cap was screwed on tight before closing up the Fiber Optic Termination Kit.

  • Material: Clear plastic (PETG)
  • Capacity: 100ml
  • Size: 96mm x 50mm (3.78 in x 1.97 in)


Fiber bulk cable -- fiber cleaver

Fiber Optic Cleaver

The TechLogix ECO-CLEAVER-1 is a professional-grade tool for preparing fiber optic cable for installation and termination. With this cleaver, end of the fiber will be ideal for termination. 

The ECO-CLEAVER-1 has ruled lines to make sure your fiber is just the right length, a magnetic lid to keep your fiber secure while cleaving, and a fiber catch bin to keep the glass shards together until you can properly dispose of them. 

  • Ideal for preparing fiber optic cabling for installation and termination
  • For use with both multimode and single mode fiber
  • High-quality carbon steel construction
  • Ruled lines for proper fiber length 
  • Magnetic lid
  • Glass shard bin



Universal fiber mechanical termination kit

includes cleaver, sheers, 3 hole strippers, VFL, batteries, ruler, marker, alcohol container, wipes, carry case

Fiber Optic Termination Kit

The TechLogix Networx ECO-TERMK-01 Economy Fiber Termination Kit provides the required tools to terminate fiber optic cable.

The included high precision wheel cleaver produces quality cleaves without the need for microscope verification. The blade provides up to 36,000 cleaves via an easy blade position selection adjustment. A verification fault locator allows for visible laser light to be used during the termination process.

The kit includes carrying bag and strap, precision fiber strippers, VFL, and other hand tools all located in a convenient case that protects the included tools while allowing ease of access.

  • Tool kit carrying bag and strap
  • Precision wheel fiber cleaver
  • Aramid strand scissors
  • Tri-hole fiber strippers
  • Visual fault locator, 650nm
  • Alcohol dispensing bottle
  • Fine-Point Sharpie
  • Metric pocket ruler
  • Fiber optic cleaning wipes


Universal fiber test kit

includes single mode generator, multimode generator, optical meter, batteries, VFL, adapters, reference cables, cleaning cube

Fiber Optic Test Kit

The TechLogix Networx ECO-TESTK-01 Basic Fiber Test Kit provides the essential tools for optical link testing. The Optical Power Meter and Light Source units test both multimode and single mode fibers at four wavelengths with a range of 70dB to measure optical power loss on installed fiber.

The kit includes adapters to test SC, LC, and FC terminated cables. Both test units along with included cables and adapters are contained in a rugged case that keeps the items within neat, organized, and protected. The kit allows testing of installed cables, connectors, splices, and links. The Optical Light Source and Power Meter (LSPM) measure loss for comparison to estimated loss calculated for the link or “loss budget.” The LSPM test set allows for measurements with a known good reference cable calibrated to “0 dB.” Utilization of this kit provides for verification of cable links to industry standards.


  • Test kit includes carrying case & strap
  • Tests both multimode and single mode fibers
  • Wavelengths of 850, 1300, 1310, and 1550nm
  • SC ports and LC type MM and SM adapters
  • SC and LC reference cables included
  • Auto shut-off function for extended battery life
  • Up to 100hr battery run time
  • Easy reference power setup
  • Convenient LCD display


Fiber cleaning wipes -- 4.4" x 8.4" size, box of 280

ECO fiber optic tools -- Fiber Optic Cleaning Wipes

TechLogix's ECO Series of fiber optic tools are the perfect compliment to your fiber optic AV or network installation. Occasionally, a component in a kit will need to get replaced or a spare would be nice to have around.

These high-quality, lint-free disposable wipes are a necessity when it comes to terminating fiber optic cables. After a few installations of multi-strand fiber optic cable, the box of wipes that came in the ECO-TERMK-01 Fiber Optic Termination Kit will be running low. Now, you can easily get a box of the same wipes that came in the Kit, so you know they'll work well.

  • Material: 1-ply tissue
  • Box Capacity: 280 sheets
  • Sheet Size: 8.4" x 4.4"
  • Box Size: 2.875 x 4.625 x 4.750 in


Fiber optic coupler -- simplex multimode female SC to female SC -- panel mount

Fiber optic coupler -- simplex multimode OM4 SC to SC coupler

'Get out the cable stretcher!'  This is a mildly humorous prank to play on a greenhorn cable installer, but sometimes, don't you wish you actually had one?

Fiber couplers (sometimes called adapters) are a simple and stable way of extending your fiber optic cable, or creating a service point at a patch panel.

These are also great for coupling your bulk fiber installation cable to a patch cable which will increase the longevity of the install cable.

Plus...these are pink!

  • Simplex SC to Simplex SC
  • Multimode (OM2, OM3, OM4) compatible
  • 13mm Panel Mount
  • High precision ceramic sleeve
  • Stainless steel clip
  • For UPC polish type cables
  • Low insertion loss ≤0.2dB
  • Rated for 1000 plug cycles

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