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Digital Multipair Syntax roadline 37P Male Female + dust caps

Cable : Syntax Audio Multicore Connector : Syntax Audio Multipin Male + Female + Dustcovers Accesories : Transparent Heat Shrink x 2
Manufacturer: Axept
Availability: Out of stock (3-10 days delivery)
multipair audio, LK, SVK, Litton, Veam, audio multikabel, Link, 12 paar, 12 pair
multipair audio, LK, SVK, Litton, Veam, audio multikabel, Link, 12 paar, 12 pair
Products specifications
Contacts 37P
Products specifications
Contacts 37P
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pvc-tape 19mmx20m (48pc) Grey


  • Python wrapping in the brewery trade
  • Automotive loom harnessing within body compartments
  • For sale to the automotive aftermarket as a non electrical repair tape
  • Securing aerial cabling to mast
  • Good instant stick
  • Easy tear
  • Easy unwind
  • Flexible
  • Conformable
  • Water resistant
  • Non-corrosive adhesive




The SYNTAX® AUDIO MULTIPAIR cables are developed for high-standard professional applications in the rigorous environments of the audio & video installations, studio recording and musical entertainment, everywhere excellent electrical and mechanical properties are required. The pairs are twisted and jacketed; the external PVC jacket of each pair is individually numbered. All jacketed pairs are inside an outer PVC sheath whose internal talc dusted lined ridges allow the cores to slide against one other, yet maintain them properly clustered even under heavy usage and continuous rewinding. This solves the problems of twisting and knotting of the cores while keeping the right cable flexibility. The XLPE conductor insulation is particularly resistant to high temperatures, so as to avoid warping or shrinkage when soldering. The aluminium/polyester foil shield provides a 100% screen and the drain wire inside allows fast installation. All the conductors are made of High Purity Oxigen Free Copper. The extra-flexible PVC external jacket is anti-trampling and anti-scratch for usage at either extremely low or high temperatures, ranging from -30°C up to +70°C.


Cloth Tape Nichiban 1200 50 MM X 50 M Black BOX/18pc

  • Tapes with strong adhesive power, perfect for sealing heavy packages.
  • The tape can be easily rewound, helping you work efficiently.
  • You can tear the tape easily with your fingers.
  • The tapes come in twelve standard colours.
  • Useful for coding and identifying different objects.

Nichiban 19mm - 48PC/box

Nichiban 25mm - 36pc/box

Nichiban 38mm - 24pc/box

Nichiban 50mm - 18pc/box

Nichiban 100mm - 6pc/box



Box CEE/4 shuko/CEE PBF16M4M1FRX