BNC cable / Belden / Neutrik cable / DRUM

Cable : Belden video cable 1694F black Connector : Neutrik BNC BRU11 Accesories : Transparent Heat Shrink x 2 Drum :
Manufacturer: Axept
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BNC cable / Belden / Neutrik connector / 0,5m

Cable : Belden video cable 1505F black Connector : Neutrik BNC BUU11X Accesories : Transparent Heat Shrink x 2


PVC Tape 19mm x 20m - Black - 100pc/box

ELECTRIX 211 PVC Electrical Tape. APPLICATION · Wrapping and waterproofing wire harnesses. · Repairing damaged isolations. · Isolation and bundling of wires. · Marking wires by colors. FEATURES AND ADVENTAGES · Weather resistance. · Waterproof. · Self-extinguishing. · High adhesion. · Very flexible, convenient to use. · Excellent electrical insulation. USAGE · Apply to the dry, clean and degreased surface, free from other contaminants. · Optimal application temperature: 10÷400C. · Wrap the tape with min. 50% overlap. · During application use tension and pressure to smooth the tape by hand. STORAGE · To ensure the maximum product performance, store products in a dry, ventilated area in original packaging away from direct sunlight. · Protect the products in original packaging against mechanical damage. · The recommended storage temperature: -5 ÷ 400C.