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Power cable Titanex 3G2,5mm HO7RNF

DE/NL standard Type F CEE 7/4 Schuko
Manufacturer: Axept
Availability: Out of stock (3-10 days delivery)
Products specifications
Contacts 3P
Color Black
Products specifications
Contacts 3P
Color Black
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Cable ties 150*3,6 black/100pc

Our range of cable ties includes: standard Polyamide 6.6 (PA 66) cable ties, heat-resistant cable ties, Polypropylene cable ties, Tefzel® cable ties, detectable cable ties, stainless steel cable ties, releasable cable ties, push mount cable ties, marker cable ties, chassis cable ties and airconditioning cable ties.


Cloth Tape Nichiban 1200 50 MM X 50 M Red

  • Tapes with strong adhesive power, perfect for sealing heavy packages.
  • The tape can be easily rewound, helping you work efficiently.
  • You can tear the tape easily with your fingers.
  • The tapes come in twelve standard colours.
  • Useful for coding and identifying different objects.

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