Display Bracket size: Extra Large + Fixation buttons M6/M8


Wall mount
Pole mount (2x Display Stand!!)
Truss mount 40/30 square/triangle

VESA 800 x 500
VESA 900 x 600

Outer size: 1024x1024mm

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Products specifications
Material Steel
Color Black
Products specifications
Material Steel
Color Black
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Power Distri 360*500*420 32/5 to 1*32/5 & 12*abl

V45.36.0544 Polyethyleen stapelbare verdeelkast type V45.36, horizontaal gebouwd (b x h x d = 500x360x420 mm)

o Dubbelgeïsoleerd klasse II
o Slagvast
o 4 handgrepen geïntegreerd
o 8 beschermings- en stapelhoeken
o Wcd’s en beveiligingen verzonken (beschermd) gemonteerd
o Bouwvorm kan zowel horizotaal als verticaal worden geleverd (keuze)
o Stapelbaar op de overige kasten in de nieuwe generatie V45
o Stapelmaat: 420x500
Earth connection 1x Aardebout M8 groen geel met afneembare vleugelmoer?
Fase indication 3x Signaallamp Neon 230V rood incl. chroomrand en o-ring IP44
Input 1x Apparatenstekker recht CEE 400V 32A 5p 6h IP44 rood
Loop 1x Inbouwdoos recht CEE 400V 32A 5p 6h IP44 rood
Output 12x Inbouwdoos Schuko 230V 16A 2p + penaarde IP44 blauw kleine flens
security 6x Aardlekautomaat type PKN6 16A 1polig + Nul 30mA C-kar. 6kA

Declaration of Conformity


Hardcase 464 x 366 x 176 with HAMMER and CUSTOM FOAM for 192 pins


AA 1,5V 2700mAh/100pc (incl € 0,08 BEBAT/battery)

Designed for professionals

  • Designed and packaged for wholesale and professional trade customers.
  • Providing high quantities of dependable batteries at a cost-effective price.

High-performance power

  • Delivering long-lasting power across a range of professional applications.
  • Capable of operating in temperatures from -20°C to 54°C.
  • Reliable performance, even after seven years of storage.
  • Bulk battery for use in torches, smoke alarms and medical devices.