Fiber cleaning wipes -- 4.4" x 8.4" size, box of 280

ECO fiber optic tools -- Fiber Optic Cleaning Wipes

TechLogix's ECO Series of fiber optic tools are the perfect compliment to your fiber optic AV or network installation. Occasionally, a component in a kit will need to get replaced or a spare would be nice to have around.

These high-quality, lint-free disposable wipes are a necessity when it comes to terminating fiber optic cables. After a few installations of multi-strand fiber optic cable, the box of wipes that came in the ECO-TERMK-01 Fiber Optic Termination Kit will be running low. Now, you can easily get a box of the same wipes that came in the Kit, so you know they'll work well.

  • Material: 1-ply tissue
  • Box Capacity: 280 sheets
  • Sheet Size: 8.4" x 4.4"
  • Box Size: 2.875 x 4.625 x 4.750 in
Manufacturer: TechLogix
Availability: In stock