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Share-Me under-table switcher & receiver with 3 HDMI inputs


Share-Me™ Switcher/Receiver Set with 3 HDMI Inputs

Bumblelion and Eleroo, Moosel and Rhinokey, and Butterbear and Hoppopotamus. What's so great about these? They are awesome combinations of animals whose different parts make them better. The TL-SM3C-HD is the Wuzzle of AV.

The TL-SM3C-HD is a combination of a three input switcher, extender, and control system designed for small conference and meeting rooms.

At the table: The transmitter gets mounted underneath your conference table.  Install and connect the Share-Me™ grommets that fit your application (sold separately).  The grommets provide a location to plug your cable in, as well as simple control of input select and display power.  If you want to control the audio level of the display as well as power, you can use a TL-SMG-4C and connect it to the transmitter as well.

To the display:  Connect the transmitter to the receiver with a single twisted pair cable (shielded solid core Cat 5e or greater).  This allows the transmitter and receiver to be up to 70m apart and simplifies cabling to the display.  The transmitter receives all the power it needs from the receiver over this cable, so you won't need an outlet to power the transmitter separately.

At the display: The receiver gets mounted by your display (projector or TV).  Connect the display to the receiver with an HDMI cable and you are basically ready to go!  The system can control your display using CEC right out of the box.  If you don't have CEC on your display (like a projector) you can use the web interface to configure IR or RS232.  If you have an electric projection screen, you can use the built-in relays to make the screen go up and down in sync with the display power.

With TechLogix Networx Share-Me™ systems, get an affordable solution that integrates audio, video, and display control.


  • Three HDMI inputs
  • One HDMI output
  • Video extension up to 70 meters
  • Manual or automatic switching modes
  • IR, RS232, and CEC display control
  • Momentary or latching relays for screen control
  • Wall/under table mounting kit included
  • Quick connect ports for table insert integration
  • Transmitter powered via the receiver
Manufacturer: TechLogix
Availability: Out of stock (On request)